Southeast Texas churches resurrect Easter services – with modifications

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Southeast Texas churches were not to be outdone by a coronavirus outbreak that has infected more than a half million Americans.

Calvary Tabernacle Beaumont is just one of the churches adapting with new technology to serve the congregation. The service was broadcast over an FM radio frequency to the vehicles assembled in the parking lot. Dozens of vehicles. 

On Easter Sunday 2020, Pastor Carl Vickery took to the portico roof of the church just off I-10 near 11th Street – to lead a drive-up service.

Even when heavy rain began to pour down, Vickery stayed atop the church and belted out a sermon from the 16th chapter of Mark. Some of the adherents stepped from their cars, but seemed to stay at a distance from others. Clearly several people were moved by the service, and several stepped out into the rain to worship.

Calvary Tabernacle is just one of dozens of churches that have adapted to the COVID 19 outbreak and adopted new policies for their services.

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