Sympathy for the Socialists: How Bernie Sanders lost South Carolina

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Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders threw former President Barack Obama under the bus Tuesday night in a CBS News debate in the Palmetto State.

While the candidates tussled chaotically over issues like the closing of the borders as a protection from the coronavirus, the TRILLIONS that would be spent on Sanders social programs and retaliatory cyber attacks – the transcendent issue was always about front-runner Bernie Sanders.

How extremist would the Vermont US Senator come off on the issue of socialism? Sanders explained his ultimate views midway through the debate. Sanders said it was former President Obama who praised Cuba for its educational reforms.

See, that way Sanders doesn’t sound nearly so close to the precipice. In doing so – Sanders sealed his demise. He lost South Carolina! When Sanders argued that its NOT radical to propose a Medicare for All program that would cost $60 Trillion. That kind of money is RADICAL. Real Radical.

South Carolina is a no-nonsense state. Sen. Hillary Clinton won the state in the 2016 Democratic primary by nailing Sanders on what she described as extremist views on dismantling the Affordable Care Act. Clinton and Sanders squabbled hard over that issue but of course that healthcare system is nothing compared with the dismantling of an entire political ideology.

When the dust settled, Clinton won a landslide – capturing more than 47% of the Democratic vote by painting “Bernie” as a radical.

Tuesday Sanders told us there is nothing “radical” about sympathizing with Venezuela and Cuba – and spending $60 trillion. Sanders said his slogan for the night was from apartheid warrior Nelson Mandela. Using the comment that everything “is impossible until it happens.”

Its impossible to get South Carolinians to agree that ANYTHING in Venezuela and Cuba is worth a try.


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