Tebow vs. Kaepernick signing

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Well, it looks like Tim Tebow may be returning to the NFL if the Jacksonville Jaguars sign him to a rumored contract. Good for Tebow…he deserves it.

And it looks like Colin Kaepernick still has not found a team to sign with as a QB. Good for Kap…he deserves it.

And it appears that many progressives are up in arms and screaming that this is unfair and proves some illegitimate point that they have never been able to make. Good for them…they deserve it as well.

One difference between Tebow and Kap is that Tebow is doing this at a new position from the QB role he played all his career. I wonder if Kap would sign as a TE or any other position. Rumor has it that he has made it clear he would not even sign as a backup QB. Someone here overvalued themselves, and that is not a good thing for an unemployed football player.

The biggest difference is that Tebow will never bring a negative circus to the clubhouse or field as Kap would. Can you imagine the disruptive force brought on a team if Kap were to ever get signed?

Hell, even his non-workout for all the NFL teams that were set up just for Kap was a circus sideshow.

That is because he pulled out and had his own workout 30 minutes before the NFL workout that was set up. I guess someone told him he was in the driver’s seat and had leverage.

As I have said before, Kap lacks the talent that it would take to overcome all the negatives he would bring with him. He carries too much baggage and would be a huge distraction. You would almost have to be Tom Brady to make that baggage worth bringing on board.

The problem is that not enough people will say that out loud. Too many want to make excuses for Kap not getting signed. Now, these excuses are being questioned because they do not fit right with Tebow’s signing. Some are looking like hypocrites here because their reasons do not line up.

Kaepernick gets what he deserves. He pissed off half the country and the other half do not have the means to get him to work in the NFL. He insulted the country, and Americans when he knelt for the flag. It really is that simple.

Tebow knelt for God. Kap knelt against our country. Tebow will be on the field. Kap will not.

Karma is a b*tch, as they say.



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