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I’m guilty as charged!

And jumpy! Maybe a lot of us have been left this way. Maybe we have quite rational anxieties that our nation could be led by totalitarian measures soon.

The U.S. Supreme Court was not called upon to make the final call in the U.S. presidential election, and many observers believe that’s a shame. The General Services Administration has allowed the Biden-Harris ticket to go forward with its Office of the President-Elect. And 1813 is frustrated.

1813 believes there are many irregularities that deserve further investigation.

Assuming Biden won the final electoral count in NO WAY diminishes the need for FAIR elections. And there seem to be substantial anomalies in many U.S. jurisdictions that we think cry out for examination.

Can anyone seriously deny what the outcome would be if President Trump passed an Executive Order on October 1, 2020 allowing (because of the COVID pandemic) Mississippi, Alabama, South Dakota and Texas some additional mail-in balloting time. In those states, you see, COVID is more dangerous. See, because they are in warmer climates?

If this doesn’t make sense to you then you’re on track. Doesn’t it make about as much sense as the voters of different Pennsylvania counties adhering to different election regulations on mail-in balloting? Why, liberals would say, “you don’t get to make up laws never passed just because you’re a President who wants to steal the election.” Ahem.

Still, the eagerness to see conservatism seated in the Oval Office has allowed some of us to believe in skeptical information.

Take Russell Ramsland for example. No, really, take him. Ramsland is a Dallas-area conservative activist who has led some of the charge for President Trump in court.

I don’t know the veracity of ALL of Ramsland’s claims because frankly that would take WEEKS of research by computer swifties far swiftier than I. You probably don’t know either. But many of us are willing to believe Ramsland because he makes a compelling case.

Ramsland, of Allied Security Systems, has argued, “there is a significant probability that election results have been manipulated within the Dominion/Premier system in Michigan.”


Well, he says there were 4 spikes in election night voting tabulations in Michigan in which more 384,000 ballots were processed in just 2 hours and 38 minutes. Ramsland says that’s not physically possible because of the equipment used at 4 locations. He MUST be incredibly thorough correct? From the sound of it? And he is a cyber-security expert.

I was right there with him. The smoking gun had been found! 

Until I learned Ramsland had apparently made some mistakes. He had tried to prove this in federal court and the case was dismissed last Thursday (November 19th, 2020.) The judge ruled the case was without merit.

Ramsland had also alleged there were more votes tabulated in Michigan than registered voters to cast them. The federal judge seemingly ruled in such a way (“without merit”) in part because Ramsland appears to have used data submitted from Minnesota communities that he attributed to Michigan voting locations. Cited in the documents were the cities of Albertville, Houston, Monticello, Runeberg, Lake Lillian, Brownsville, Wolf Lake, Height of Land, Detroit Lakes, Frazee, and Kandiyohi. All are in Minnesota – not Michigan.

It’s NOT clear that the judge found the Dominion/Premier voting systems above reproach or without the potential for error.

We also learned that Ramsland was once accused of running for Congress and collecting $200,000 in campaign contributions – without filing to run for the office then held by Texas Congressman Pete Sessions. Hmm.

To our mind it doesn’t even mean that Ramsland is wrong in the entirety of his assessment. It just means I AM LAZER QUICK to believe President Trump may have won. TOO QUICK. And that Ramsland had some serious problems in his research.

And frankly it may mean our election system is a disaster that is so thoroughly soiled that major voting reform is needed to fix it.

Investigate billions of dollars worth of computer voting systems in a span of DAYS? Its a ridiculous proposition. Ramsland may have been given a mission impossible.

It all proves I need to relax a little.

If I can’t trust my voting machine and trust in consistent rules for ALL voters – I can’t feel the Freedom assigned to me by the Constitution! And I will WAGE THAT IDEOLOGICAL WAR soon. For now, I’ll have a Fast Break bar and pray. At this point I may have no other choice.


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