While you were doing the Christmas shopping an EPIC LEGAL maneuver was made. And it sets the stage for a legal battle that may well decide the shape of your 2nd Amendment rights for decades to come.

The Attorneys General of 16 states last week (Dec. 24th, 2020) filed an amicus brief alongside the National Rifle Association counter-suit against New York Attorney General Letitia James. Its been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York.

It could be monumental.

As you probably remember, James (New York’s top legal gun) fulfilled her campaign promises to go after the NRA by bringing a lawsuit in August. She alleged misuse of funds.

This LEGAL battle is reminiscent of a LITERAL December battle some time ago.

By December 1776, 11,000 colonial volunteers had walked away from General Washington’s battered army and writer Thomas Paine noted them as “summer soldiers” – valuable only when conditions were sunny and bright.

By December 2020, more than 74 million Americans had watched a Lawless Election go against them. The swing states all broke their own election laws to get the vote counted in November 2020.

Many American conservatives by this December had grown weary of facing into the bitter wind of injustice, mockery, and cancel culture. Injustice that was cloaked in complaints of social injustice from the other side. Who can argue that the “paragon of wokeness” – Facebook – committed a grave sin by suppressing the opinions of millions of Americans this fall. If Americans were wrong in their views on Hunter Biden or the transmission of COVID19 or any of a hundred conspiracy theories – they were still Americans, correct? They were surely worthy of the protection of free expression, correct? No. Free speech had evaporated. It was then that many Americans realized the “summer” had long since gone.

And it was on THIS LANDSCAPE that the constitutional liberty to own arms for personal protection came under assault.

The NRA has been the stalwart defender of those liberties for decades.

It was here that we started to see “summer soldiers” turn into soldiers. Not in the violent literal sense. But in the no-less crucial UNRELENTING activist sense. Southeast Texans started talking about trips to Austin and Washington for the purposes of peaceful protest. They started joining activist groups like Take America Back Texas.

One of Thomas Paine’s contemporaries, Alexander Hamilton, started a newspaper that could actually be censored by October 2020. And in a Media Research Center poll 17% of respondents said they would have switched their vote had they known of the allegations against Hunter Biden. Allegations made clear in the New York Post articles that were censored.

Will more states join the 16 Attorneys General (December 2020) that have launched this legal defensive action alongside the National Rifle Association?

Its an epic confrontation.

TeaParty.org had the exclusive story this month.

James wants the NRA dissolved – alleging the abuses and misspending of funds. And conservatives now realize the left is SERIOUS about these matters. And the Culture War described a decade ago has gone from cold to hot.

Notwithstanding the specific allegations made, many conservatives believe the NRA taken as a whole should NOT be held responsible even if there were cases of wrongdoing by individuals within the organization.

Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre for example is a defendant in the James’ suit. This countersuit could result in the defense of the NRA and the commensurate protection of your 2nd Amendment rights.

So now we can see the open litigational conflict emerging with the December 2020 action by the Attorneys General of the states – which include Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri. And the writers at the TeaParty.org website understand that conflict well when they argue, “this is what defending liberty looks like.”

AND NOW we see ourselves to be in the crucible of time. The NEW soldiers who’ve transcended the passive summer soldiers of 2019. Where are the other states in this lawsuit? Will the other Attorneys General begin to see this Clash of Ideas for what it really is? You’ve done much already patriot. But maybe there is more you can now do! Remember, apart from the writings of Thomas Paine on the “summer soldier” there may have been no victory at Trenton – let alone a crossing of the Delaware.

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