Thursday Bulletin: SETX demand for Coronavirus testing slows dramatically, big changes could be ahead

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The number of Southeast Texans interested in being tested for Covid 19 is decreasing, and authorities believe it could mark the earliest area of cresting on the “curve.” 

1813 has learned its NOT considered a turning point, but a hopeful sign. ANY Southeast Texan still showing the symptoms and wanting to be tested will be able to do so by calling 409-550-2536. Its a 24 hour hotline for screening. 

We’ve learned the calls into the existing call center have decreased.

Hardin County Judge Wayne McDaniel says, “if the number of calls/tests each day continue to decrease, then we may not be able to continue to support two drive-thru testing sites (in the 6-county area) much longer.”

All the area hospitals met with leaders this morning (Thursday) and concluded at least another 2 weeks are needed before an ebbing of the CV wave presents itself. Leaders say no changes will be made in stay-home orders until those new confirmed cases are decreasing. But there has been a lull in the number of calls for testing.

In answer to the “when” question everyone wants to know, McDaniel indicated the 6-county region COULD EASE OFF RESTRICTIONS eventually. It might look like an easing back to groups of 10, then to larger groups. Possibly groups of 50 or so. Allowing for church services – possibly attendance at restaurants if customers tables are spaced out. 

Great news!


Also! 1813 has learned area leaders are taking a look at school food delivery. Some say they realize school officials are NOT using masks while handing out the food, in accordance with CDC guidelines. Its going to get further interest soon.


Also. Can you believe a child under age 10 now has contracted the CV in Jefferson County? We thought it was only a disease for older folks?


Also. Can you believe that when CV patients pass away they do so essentially because they are too tired to breath? That their muscles have given out. Soooo sad.


CBS reported tonight (Thursday) that the peak of the virus in New York is expected to come on Easter Sunday. Wow.



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