Thursday bulletin: Suing the Beaumont federal prison camp

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Prison mismanagement. And lawsuits. The allegations. Wish we had better news. The largest male federal prison camp in the United States, in Beaumont, is facing a whirlwind of criticism and likely at least one federal lawsuit. 1813 has learned an inmate in his 60’s – with more than 20 years served (on a 25 year sentence) has died with complications of COVID19. Roughly 550 inmates are crammed into tight quarters (3 to a space at times) and there are allegations of human rights violations. At last one attorney has accepted a case that could result in a monumental lawsuit. Bureau of Prisons has been called again. Bureau of Prisons once again has no interest in telling you its side of the story. 


Orange County Judge John Gothia is bracing for serious county economic belt-tightening as a result of the COVID19 crisis. “This years money (sales tax receipts) is next years budget so we will definitely have to run a tight ship next year in our budget. We dont know that number. (Up until the crisis) our sales tax numbers were good,” he said.

“I dont think we will have to have cuts,” said Gothia. But he says Orange County will likely take on no new expenses and trucks and tractors won’t get replaced. Gothia believes base operations will continue with no new capital outlay for 2021. And as far as testing – there’s a new testing site for OC residents. It will be available ONLY TO THE FIRST 100 CALLERS (as if a radio give-away just happened) who ask to be tested. Held on Cionco de Mayo (next Tuesday) at the Expo center there on FM 1442. Its a mobile site that will be moved to the other counties as well.

ORANGE COUNTY REOPENS tomorrow and restaurants will be able to allow sit-down customers up to 25% of capacity. Who’s enforcing it? Nobody. Gothia freely admits that its pretty tough to enforce. “I’m sure I’ll get calls from people saying so and so has more than 25 percent capacity in their restaurant.” Hey, what are you going to do? He’s already running a tight ship in a county strapped for cash. 



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