Tribalism is the new American Political Movement

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American politics have become two armed camps that are growing more and more hostile to each other.

No longer do we look at people with a differing viewpoint as fellow countrymen, instead we paint them as traitors, as enemies of the state and of the people.

And we do it not only with willingness, but we also do it with glee. 

How did this happen? Was it always like this? Can we step away from the abyss before it is too late?

Is it already too late?

Tribalism, like it or not, is the new political norm in America.

Just like the Crips and Bloods, who don the blue and red to declare unwavering allegiance to their gangs, Liberals and Conservatives do the same.

And the requirement for loyalty is fierce. There is no room for question, for individuality, or for disagreement.

You are either 100% in lockstep, or you are called a RINO, a DINO, a sell-out. Your patriotism is questioned. Your intentions are questions. 

Heroes become villains if they step out and question the party line. Look at how fast the ideology who claims unwavering support for the troops called a decorated Marine General a disgrace because as Secretary of Defense he questioned the head of the Conservative Faction?

We paint people with the other ideology as having the worst virtues imaginable. They are sinners, traitors, criminals, and whatnot. Leaders that share our ideology are saints, the persecuted, martyrs, and all-around boy scouts.

When evidence to the contrary comes up, it is fake, its a hit job, its any number of things.

If you are a liberal, you cannot oppose gun control.

If you are a conservative, you cannot even begin to suggest a Woman has a right to choose.

Any deviation from what is the accepted dogma and you are an outcast.

This should never be the default setting for a free society.

Today, we have candidates for office who proudly say they are 100% liberal or 100% conservative.

That to me is not a good public servant, but someone that is an unthinking political ideologue. Someone incapable of putting the greater good ahead of their politics.

Today we oppose what we support.

Sound strange?

If I were to say that there should be laws that ensured God was in all of our institutions, that atheism and homosexuality would be crimes, that there would be strict penalties for violating God’s laws on Earth…

You would both be a Conservative and an Islamic Fundamentalist.

But, Conservatives decry the very Sharia law they seek to implement.

Liberals at the same time as claiming a moral superiority on women’s rights and human rights go ballistic when someone criticizes the mandatory wearing on the Hajib or questions Islamization.

Neither side will listen to any logical debate to the contrary.

Which brings me to another sign of the tribalization of America.

News and Information.

Any news that runs contrary to the world view of the two camps is called fake news. We accept dubious news sources as carved in stone and dismiss news to the contrary.

So long as we feed on “news” geared to support our world view, we cannot have logical conversations in a meaningful way.

America is a dangerous crossroads. Whether you are a liberal of a conservative, you must face one stark reality. We are one bad day away from a war of words from turning into a civil war.

And if that doesn’t scare you, then all hope is lost.


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