Trump gains in 9 swing states

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WASHINGTON: Is it 2016 all over again?

The polls have had Democratic Nominee Joe Biden up by as much as 14 points and trailing in several key battleground states.

However, that is all changing. Recent polls have shown President Trump closing the gap in nine must-win states. Eerily reminiscent of the last few weeks of the 2016 election where polls showed Hillary Clinton with a similar national lead over Donald Trump.


Trump is roaring back in the closing days of the election


Here is a break down of the gains:

Arizona (11 electoral votes) Trump has gained 1.1 points

Florida (29 electoral votes) Trump has gained .8 points

Georgia (16 electoral votes) Trump has gained .8 points

Minnesota (10 electoral votes) Trump has gained  .7 points

Nevada (6 Electoral votes) Trump has gained .1 points

North Carolina (15 electoral votes) Trump has gained 1 point

Ohio (18 electoral votes)  Trump has gained  .7 points

Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) Trump has gained  .1 points

Texas  (38 electoral votes) Trump has gained 2.9 points



Most of these gains are after the Biden gaffe in the debate concerning the end of America’s energy independence and Biden’s pledge to destroy the fossil fuels industry.

Hunter Biden and his laptop are also cited by pundits as a contributing factor to the gains made by the President in the recent polls.

Even though Early Voting is underway in many states, there are still large swaths of the electorate that have not yet cast their votes. Experts point out that a large percentage of early voting is traditionally Democratic Voters, while most election day voters are Republican.


“We have no way of yet seeing how much a bounce that the President will gain from the Barrett confirmation,” Charles Hayes with the Hayes Group stated. “However, if this electrifies the Republican base, then we could see a Trump landslide next week.”

Hayes also pointed out that this gain by Trump may have put the Senate out of reach by Democrats hoping to take the upper house of Congress.

“All bets are off at this point.” He added, “Trump is once again showing that writing him off is always a bad move”

“This will only serve to show the people that the polls and the pundits are more a force trying to drive the vote, than experts reacting to what the American people want.”

He closed, “It is simple. Americans want their country back and Trump is delivering it.”



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