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A victory for the President Thursday. In the form of a Pennsylvania judge’s ruling.

The judge ruled that Pennsylvania state officials exceeded the law and their authority by extending deadlines. The President’s legal team has argued NO ONE gets to make up those rules as they go.

It centers on whether Pennsylvania voters could legally have an extended deadline to “cure” their ballots – or fix them for information or a valid ID – all the way through November 12th.

The Supreme Court may decide to hear a similar case over whether a mail-in ballot deadline can be extended through November 6th. 

Its unclear if the high court will hear that case. 

Former VP Joe Biden leads President Trump in Pennsylvania by about 54,000 votes.

But there are also looming questions about whether it matters. 

An 1878 landmark ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court may have set legal precedent that would nullify the votes in several states.

In U.S. v. Throckmorton, the high court ruled that “fraud vitiates everything.” Meaning, if there is a determination of fraud having been committed all other questions are mute. Could the entire electoral count of that state be nullified? Some legal observers say that means the matter could go to the U.S. House for contention in mid-December.

Is it all a pipe dream? Maybe. But for some a dream is now enough.


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