Former VP Joe Biden should inform the Democratic Party that he is a dissident

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Observations from CrazyTown

Does Biden realize he doesn’t even sound like a Democrat anymore?

Former Vice President Joe Biden tells ABC15 in Phoenix (Thursday July 23) he would be lenient and wants to open schools this fall – but declined to be specific. Criticized the President for politicizing the school start issue. Says where are you going to get the money for teachers. Huh? Biden was then asked if he would defund the police. He said he was opposed to it (news to his base I’d think) and criticized the President for having previously decided budget considerations that would slash some money to police agencies. Said he supports PREVENTION of crime over incarceration. Which sounds ummm – insane. Then he says “look, there’s a lot going on.” LOL. Biden asked for EXPANDING ObamaCare. And said the vast majority of police are decent and honorable. As though he just stumbled upon that reality. Said police have every right to come home safe like everyone else does. WHAT? These are revelations? Then, Biden seemingly fell out of clarity. He started saying the President doesn’t know what he is talking about on “things.” He declined to specifically answer. And then there was some kind of abrupt end with Biden referencing President Trump as “sick, sick” it seemed.

The bottom line? Maybe its just political expediency but apart from a vague endorsement of racial justice – Biden bore little resemblance to the party that is about to nominate him for President. Does anyone seriously believe that Biden will do this stuff a day after an Inauguration? His party will seemingly bowl him over like a tumbleweed.



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