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Picture your local realtor. The guy or lady you trusted when you decided to sell your last 2 homes (and buy two more.) Imagine that feeling of confidence that you’re in safe hands.

Now, vanquish that thought.

They’re gone! History!

1813News has learned the national race to stomp out individual thought has made its way into yet another area of local life.

At a Beaumont Board of Realtors meeting today we learned that the National Board has joined the ranks of the “establishment” to invoke Orwellian Thought Police in your lives.

The realtors have learned their First Amendment rights to free expression are being unapologetically dashed in the dustheap of history.

We have learned that if you’re a realtor who says something deemed “disparaging” out loud, on Facebook, with a friend DURING YOUR OFF-HOURS and in your PRIVATE life – you can be sanctioned by the Beaumont Board of Realtors.

And if the Beaumont Board of Realtors FAILS to sanction such a person who makes the remarks – the Board itself could be sanctioned by the National Board of Realtors and could lose its affiliation.

It would mean a nice lady real estate professional could lose her designation as a realtor because of her PRIVATE views expressed in her PRIVATE life!

And before your frontal lobe takes you to the idea of a closet-Nazi having her designation yanked please think how many people are now openly called racists on Facebook for views that fall short of full-throated adoration of Black Lives Matter!

The Board of Realtors tucks the new policy into a purported Code of Ethics that will be adopted this month.

Someday someone will have the courage to say “enough is enough” in the national crusade to altar thought and words. By then, your local realtor will be gone.


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