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President Trump may or may not be able to pull out a win after legal avenues are pursued but an expert is presenting new evidence that suggests Trump may have been robbed.

How? Fulbright scholar and MIT expert Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai was tipped off by the early computer evidence showing some 6,000 votes were tipped in Biden’s favor in one Michigan county (and then corrected) – and that led to what Ayyadurai calls some troubling evidence.

Ayyadurai says, “It seems like going to Republican precincts was (Trump’s) worst nightmare… the more the precinct was Republican, the more the percent of Trump votes are transferred to Biden.”

Two other data scientists share Ayyadurai’s views that in Oakland, McComb and Kent counties in Michigan – appears to show an algorithmic swing of Trump votes to former VP Joe Biden. 

The swing in those counties alone was 138,000 votes. Biden now leads Michigan by some 155,000 votes at last check. 

Ayyadurai says a pattern is clearly visible in the voting. And he’s quoted as saying the pattern, “makes no sense unless a computer algorithm was in place to lower Trump’s votes as a function of Republicanism in a precinct… our position is that it could only be done by a computer algorithm in such a precise way over so many precincts.”

You should see the graphs. 1813News can’t pretend to understand it but the experts say it makes perfect sense. 

They say the data points that show the “level of Republicanism” would have given a fraudster a perfect line to know which regions to suppress the vote. 

And Ayyadurai sways the algorithm appears to ramp up in areas where at least 20 percent of a precinct’s voters were party-line Republicans. It was “too perfect” to be an anomaly. The data scientists say the variance between Trump’s support and that of other Republicans went down proportionate to how Republican a precinct is.

Data analyst Bennie Smith says, “even if you want to believe that Republicans hated Trump so much, the larger that the population sizes were, they still wouldn’t be able to hate him in such a perfect line.”

Does it provide what the most surly of Democrats say they need? Empirical, incontrovertible evidence? Well, probably not. In fact, just about nothing will.

But it offers ample support for continued exploration of whether Trump was robbed or not. Something his opponents don’t even seem to want to explore! 


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