We Can Do Better than Beto

The metaphorical warbirds have been scrambled by this week’s Last Blue County zoom meeting. I’m AMPED (he said with a smile) !!!

When did Nick Lampson become a “take your guns” guy? After a distinguished career as a pro-2nd Amendment Democrat, Lampson won wide support from Jefferson County folks.

Nick Lampson

Then Monday he launched a zoom event for Democrats with the far left gun-hating former Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke.

Lampson launched an offensive attack at Governor Greg Abbott, implying YOU are too intimidated to go to the polls.

Lampson said it’s “atrocious” that Abbott would “suppress” the vote in Texas by making a thousand Texas National Guardsmen available should they be needed to quell all-out VIOLENCE by the Left. Lampson said it causes people to be afraid to go to the polls. Are you afraid?

And Lampson went so far as to say that voter fraud has not been proven “ANYWHERE in the United States.” That requires an alarming level of self-delusion. This link will take you to the more than 12 HUNDRED cases we KNOW about and then show you just the TEXAS cases.

Beto O’Rourke

Lampson has even been highly rated with the NRA in the past – with the old Democratic Party. But then again, this is now the New Democratic Party. A party you will have to decide if you still want to support it. Isn’t it time to walk away? Mr. Lampson, respectfully, you can do Better than Beto!

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