What you don’t know about the CV crisis suffering of SETX children

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Its ugly. REALLY ugly. The CV19 crisis has cost us all, but we have to get real about some of the victims we’re not thinking about. The kids. We’ve looked at just one example, happening in just one area school district.

In March, Deweyville ISD launched phase one of its effort to educate the children, while keeping them as safe as possible. 

It involved several measures that were replicated in dozens of area schools. Flexible education plans.

NOW – some Deweyville parents are outraged over phase 2. Does this sound familiar with what your kids go through?

In Deweyville the district decided to launch something called Drive-in Wifi learning. Its just underway. Teachers have told our sources that the kids will get a zero on any assignment not accomplished EVEN if the kids don’t have adequate internet access or a computer for the work. 

In Drive-in learning, the students of Deweyville are asked to come to the parking lot of the high school to use the school Wifi. Now OF COURSE the high schoolers are going to sneak out of the car and talk with their friends. And OF COURSE many parents find it difficult to impossible. This is a community that saw computers washed away in the January 2019 flooding for crying out loud. Parents are panicking that their kids are going to get a zero.

One mother of 3 children younger than 10 says she’s in wonderment at how she can keep her kids focused in the back seat of the car.

“Cars were not built to be used as a classroom,” she told 1813News.

Another family told us its a serious hardship and that the district, “assumes all homes have internet access. That is a luxury we cannot afford in this house.”

The father said, “to be honest I’m not even sure we could get internet service out here even if we had the money.” 

Its going to require running the engine of the vehicles because conditions are warming. Air conditioning is going to be needed. 

 Several people wonder if its even ethical and ask how the policy follows the Stay Home Work Safe guidelines of Newton County.

To be fair, each of the parents indicate they are very pleased that the district is doing something to keep the education process flowing. But say its just NOT going to work like this. 

Beaumont ISD and most districts have their own version of the Flexible Education Program. Making it work? Its a nightmare for administrators. And no one is blaming the TEACHERS, but when it doesn’t work we have to ask ourselves maybe it just doesn’t work. Parents say its time to consider a NEW plan. 


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