Who believes these clowns anymore?

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by Michael Neil

I want to thank Lori “ Beetlejuice” Lightfoot for disproving the ridiculous notion that black people cannot be racist. This notion has been presented to me and others as a convenient excuse for many black people to say and act as they want and actually think they can defend racist actions by saying that they can’t be racist. 

Just a few days ago, Lightfoot made the announcement that she would not be doing interviews with white journalists. Of course, she wasn’t that blunt, but announcing that she would only speak to POC journalists says the same thing. This is done in celebrating the 2nd anniversary of her being the mayor of Chicago, or Kill-Town, as I call it. 

My, how racist of her. There is nothing finer in a person’s character than refusing to interact with a person based solely on the color of their skin. That says about all you need to know about a person. 

It is especially hypocritical of a person who rallies about diversity and inclusion, don’t you think? She seems to be upset about the whiteness (racist?) And maleness (sexist?) of the Chicago press coverage of city politics. I guess the war on white men is alive and well.

Beetlejuice is known for being the first openly gay, black woman mayor of Chicago. Well, I want to be the first openly straight, old, white male to call bullshit on her move. And it truly is ignorant and a bad PR stunt. 

You can’t squash white men. You can’t make us feel guilty for being who we are. I have no problem saying that I am proud to be a white man. People like Beetlejuice can’t make me feel guilty for being who I am.

Maybe she should spend some time trying to do something positive towards race and use her position to unify and not divide. Maybe she should spend her days not looking at color like I spend my days.

Maybe she should stop being so racist. It is nothing for which she should be proud.


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