Who will fight to end a Southeast Texas COVID19 Nursing Home Crisis

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94-year-old Iris Parnell. Just one of the thousands of nursing home residents in Southeast Texas now struggling through the COVID19 era. And struggling far more than you and I.

Iris loves a picture of her daughter from Easter more than anything. It was the last time to see her daughter face to face.

That daughter is Mary Barnette of Beaumont – who spoke with 1813 today.

Iris is a resident at a Kountze nursing home. But its not the one nursing home involved here. Most Southeast Texas nursing homes have the same policies. Keeping residents away from children and other loved ones. Its to protect the high-risk demographic from potential danger. But after more than 2 months what’s the risk? Many medical professionals say its common knowledge that residents will decline without seeing loved ones. They cite “broken heart syndrome” for example. And after several weeks potential policy changes that would make it possible for children to see parents, have NOT been adopted. Medical professionals tell us it IS possible for rooms to be set up and precautions COULD be taken if nursing homes would just do it

For more than 2 months now Iris has been denied what she really wants. Time with her daughter. Recently put on Prozac for her depression that only came in with the COVID19 lockdown of the nursing home. But if nurses, doctors and other medical personnel can be tested daily and personally see thousands of Southeast Texas nursing home residents, why can’t loved ones be tested too? 

1813 begins the conversation and we’re going to chase it to Austin and beyond if necessary. Join us in the effort please. 

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