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We go in one of two BIGGGGG directions right here!

Facebook claims to have at least 2.3 BILLION users every month. It’s not turning around any time soon. What COULD turn around is free expression for a generation.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg is testifying today on Capitol Hill and we already have prepared remarks. Zuckerberg is boasting that Facebook removed “false claims” from its platform at a rate of 150 MILLION pieces of content. He is testifying that Facebook launched what he’s calling “strong voter suppression policies.” And he says those policies prohibited even IMPLICIT representations of HOW to vote.

Republican U.S. Senator Mike Lee of Utah says Zuckerberg and Facebook are REALLY “steadily putting their thumb on the left side of the scale.”

Lee pounded away at Zuck on Fox News, lamenting the social media giants decison to shut down the “Stop the Steal” page with its 350,000 members. 

350,000 people GENERALLY agreed that a form of corruption could have occured in the election process – and generally supported the idea of further investigation and/or recounting. Facebook ruled that violated its standards. 

Let’s recap! It violated standards to QUESTION the legitimacy of the election process.

Sen. Lee says Facebook suppresses conservative-related and pro-life content and suppresses far less liberal content. Lee believes Facebook has engaged in deceptive trade practices and must be reigned in.

Biden campaign staffer Bill Russo has already raged that Facebook should have censored MORE content. And yes – he means conservative content. 

For his part, Joe Biden has called Zuckerberg a “real problem” and says the platform’s protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act should be revoked. Revoked to allow free speech? No! Revoked because Facebook allows too much “misinformation.” Read – conservative information. 

Whatever happens with today’s (Tues. Nov 17) testimony it seems as though a nadir has been reached. Either conservative thought will be stamped out going forward in a proverbial “to the victor go the spoils” manner, or some level of free expression may be returned. 

This seems like a turning point.   


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